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We are an industry-leading, multi-channel eCommerce fulfilment centre who offer highly competitive rates and services.

what we do

  • Offer order fulfilment, inventory, warehouse, shipping and returns management solutions.
  • Fully integrate with all your current eCommerce platforms, e.g. Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Magento, Woocommerce and many more.
  • Make things simple, quick, and easy.
  • We receive your orders as your customers place them.
  • Give you full transparency and control of your stock.
  • Offer highly competitive rates
  • Help you grow your business.
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Cloud9 are an essential part of our business

Black starBlack starBlack starBlack starBlack star

"They are so friendly and helpful, and really stepped up for us when a similar company let us down.  The service we receive from them is really personal, and it's always a pleasure to chat to one of the team when we get in touch.
I can't recommend them enough, we are really happy that we found them."

Holly Wils, Spacemilk

Super helpful team. Would recommend using them whatever your needs.

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"Super helpful team. Especially when it gets busy they are always on hand to support. Majority of deliveries go out without any issues and things don't always go to plan they are there to help. Would recommend using them whatever your shipping needs. They are flexible and their prices are very reasonable."

Etienne Marais, CT24

they’ve delivered on all aspects

Black starBlack starBlack starBlack starBlack star

This was our first time working with a fulfilment centre and they’ve delivered on all aspects - right from their prices, to communication with ourselves, and of course the end experience for the customer. We’d definitely recommend all businesses, both small and large, to consider using Cloud9!”

Aaron Vale, Kleyo


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"I have used Cloud9 to import and warehouse yoga equipment imported from China. I found their prices great and felt that the team took responsibility for ensuring my items were picked up and delivered successfully. Great prices + great service = great review"

Chris Downham, R1SE Studios


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"The Cloud9 team are incredibly customer focussed and great communicators. They tailored the service to my exact requirements and have also given me advice on how to make things run even better so that I can concentrate on marketing. I highly recommend this fulfilment service."

Paul Walsh, Upp Wellbeing

how we provide next level service

An icon that means our software integrates with all ecommerce channels

Complete Multi-Channel Integration

Cloud9 Fulfilment offer free software setup and integration with your current eCommerce platform.  We present eCommerce fulfilment solutions to match every situation. We help our customers scale their businesses and optimise their operations to exceed all targets. With us, you can take your eCommerce business to the next level.

99.9% Accuracy Order Rate

As a vendor, your mission will be to ensure that your customers’ requirements are fully and promptly met. Our mission will be to ensure that this is exactly what happens. We will fulfil all your eCommerce orders accurately, securely, and immediately. Additionally, do you use Amazon FBA? Keeping up with Amazon Prime demands will be no issue for us, so you can maintain your Prime status with our highly accurate service.
Bespoke service icon. Displays a finger print getting drawn. This suggests our service is bespoke.

A Bespoke Service

Your first conversation with us will cover your current business situation, the issues you contend with and problems that sometimes arise. Our team will discuss these issues with you so that we are fully aware of your business set-up, any problems that currently occur and what your aims are for your business. We will then be in a position to offer you help and advice to grow your business. If you like what we have to say, we will schedule a full demonstration of our software (you will be impressed!) and a pricing schedule.

Full Transparency and Expert eCommerce Guidance

Once you are happy with our agreement, we will begin a training programme for your staff to ensure that your ‘onboarding’ process is straightforward and runs smoothly. You will be equipped with a quick, powerful, state-of-the-art eCommerce fulfilment service. If you ever have the need to raise an issue or make an enquiry, our team is here. There will be no need to work your way through an automated menu - we answer our calls in person!

Our software

Circular image of a screenshot from  our pack eye system. Checking if our staff pack the parcels correctly

Our revolutionary dispatch Pack Eye system video records every single shipment being packed and automatically stores the video footage. This means that every single shipped order is accounted for, and video evidence can be provided, if requested by the customer.

Our entire warehouse is under surveillance by the latest 4K security cameras which record and store footage in our cloud-based system, ensuring your goods are always safe with Cloud9 Fulfilment.

Total Transparency
Every relevant detail about stock arriving. Serial numbers, barcodes, and best before dates are recorded on our software. See the progress of every order, in real time. Complete visibility and control over your stock, 24/7.

Multi - Channel Integration
We connect and integrate with a vast array of eCommerce platforms, free of charge. We receive your orders as your customers place them.

Graphic of a computer with a screen shot of our software on.

Easy Access at Your Fingertips
Cloud9 Fulfilment give you the ability to run your business from anywhere in the world, on just your phone. Leave the manual work to us and focus on what you do best.

Full Accountability
Clear infographics for easy analysis. Stock level reports, goods in and out, order reports. We provide the data that backs up our performance.

Main Software INTEGRATIONs

Shopify's logo. This is one of the ecommerce channels our software integrates with.Amazon logoEbays logo. Another software channel our software integrates with.Magnetos logo. Another ecommerce channel our software integrates with.WooCommerce Logo

Fulfilment Onboarding process

First step of our fulfilment onboarding process. Goods In

Goods in

We receive your goods into our secure eCommerce fulfilment warehouse. We check the goods carefully and sign on your behalf as the receiver. We digitally record the proof of delivery and take photographs of your goods’ safe arrival, before sending these to you via email.

Second step of our fulfilment onboarding process. Goods In Storage.

goods in storage

We check your goods are individually barcoded - if required we will give each of your item types a unique SKU barcode sticker. Your product is then carefully stored in its very own bay within our brand-new custom-built fulfilment warehouse.

3rd step of our fulfilment onboarding process. Customer orders arrive.

Customer orders arrive

Your eCommerce channels link to our eCommerce fulfilment software. Any orders placed by your customers will automatically drop into our system ready to be dispatched on the same day.

4th step of our fulfilment onboarding process. Pick and Pack.

Pick and pack

Our industry-leading software platform automates the picking process. Our fully integrated digital system removes human error and increases efficiency, ensuring the correct goods reach your customers without fail. We carefully package your goods for shipment with one of our world-class carriers.

5th step of our fulfilment onboarding process. Shipping.


Cloud9 Fulfilment ensure you get access to the best rates available, with the best carriers on the market. We ensure all your orders are sent out on a same-day basis. We achieve 99.9% same-day dispatch for the orders we receive.

6th and the final step of our fulfilment onboarding process. Transparency.


You have real-time visibility over our entire process. At any given moment you can log into our portal and view current dispatch statuses in full. We also provide you with a detailed report of our success, so you are always kept up to speed.


Industries we serve

We are a Sheffield based fulfilment centre, who excel in moving small to medium consumer goods. Here are a few industries we serve:

CBD icon to show we help fast growing CBD businesses with their order fulfilment


CBD batch control is essential to avoid waste and ensure optimized product rotation processes. Cloud9 Fulfilment use industry leading software to control and manage your inventory, ensuring your product is carefully packed and delivered right on time. You can rely on Cloud9 Fulfilment to deliver a next level, on time eCommerce fulfilment service.

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Icon of fashion and shoes. This is telling the user that we offer apparel fulfilment.


Apparel fulfilment requires an excellent level of service, with rapid and reliable delivery. Our software at Cloud9 Fulfilment will make your delivery and returns management extremely clear and easy. Cloud9 deliver next level service for both businesses and their customers.

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Beauty and Cosmetic icon. Showing the user that we offer beauty and cosmetic fulfilment

beauty and cosmetics

With increasing online social media presence and promotion, independent boutique beauty, cosmetic brands, and traders are the favoured choice for consumers. Cloud9 Fulfilment provide all the software integration you will need to make your delivery and returns management automated and optimised.

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Icon of supplements. Showing we can offer fulfilment services to supplements and vitamins businesses

supplements and vitamins

The promotion of health and the strengthening of our immune systems has never been more important. Our health is priceless for this sector is more apparent than ever. Our Fulfilment Service software solutions make your delivery, stock and returns management effortless and fuss-free. Do not you want to deliver next level service for your customers.

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Subscription icon. Showing that we help with shipping and fulfilment for subscription companies.


Subscription boxes can now be found for almost any type of luxury product, and more companies are joining the trend with every passing week. In this market sector, loyalty is key - Cloud9 Fulfilment are perfectly placed to offer a next level service which will delight your customers.

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Stationery icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for stationery businesses.


Cloud9 will ensure that your goods are delivered on time, undamaged and in immaculate condition. By working with our team and using our advanced technology, we can help you achieve infinite growth for your business. Store and dispatch your goods with us and Cloud9 will deliver next level service to your customers.

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Pets and Pet food icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for pets and pet food businesses.

pets and petfood

Cloud9 Fulfilment can handle all your pet and pet food fulfilment requirements, offering same-day dispatch with the best carriers on the market. We use industry-leading software to control and manage your inventory, ensuring that no product is wasted. We are able to match any level of demand. Our order selection accuracy exceeds 99.99%.

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Camping and caravanning icon

camping and outdoors

Ensuring your business is prepared to meet the demand is key to being successful in this market. We enable businesses we work with to grow without limits, to meet demand without delay, and to exceed every target. Outsourcing fulfilment to Cloud9 Fulfilment ensures your business will be ideally placed to focus on driving sales.

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Organic icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for organic products.

organic products

The market for organic produce is rapidly growing. No matter the size of your business or number of sales, our flexible pricing plan can scale to fit. Outsourcing your order fulfilment to us means you can focus on growing your business with the assurance that our eCommerce fulfilment solution will grow with you.

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Luxury and gift icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for luxury and gift businesses.

luxury and gift

Cloud9 Fulfilment offer highly secure storage facilities equipped with 24-hour surveillance for your premium products. Cloud9 Fulfilment will ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in pristine condition, meeting the sky-high expectations of your customers.

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PPE and hygiene icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for ppe and hygiene businesses.

ppe and hygiene

During the current Covid-19 situation, businesses and individuals need absolute certainty about the security of their orders. These goods must be available as advertised and need timely and accurate door-to-door shipping. We have the capacity to dispatch product with speed and accuracy, no matter how quickly your product flies off our shelves.

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Kickstarter icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for kickstarter businesses.


Whatever your project idea, Cloud9 Fulfilment is perfectly positioned to help you on your way with a flexible dispatch fulfilment plan that is designed to scale as you grow. We have lots of experience with small businesses and can offer you invaluable advice and guidance to help you scale successfully.

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Music and Media icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for music and media businesses.

music and media

Hit the musicians, music lovers and memorabilia market with your products. Whether you’re a record label, band, independent artist, music store, or other media company, we can fulfil your eCommerce orders with accuracy and speed that will impress your customers and keep them coming back for more.

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Promotion icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for businesses that sell promo goods. Like business cards


Cloud9 Fulfilment we take pride in providing an affordable and professional fuss-free service. You will only ever pay for the space you use, and we offer competitive prices on all our delivery options. Your goods will be accurately picked, securely packed, carefully handled and tracked throughout delivery for safe arrival to a happy customer.

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Toys and games Icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for toys and games businesses.

toys and games

Cloud9 Fulfilment are perfectly set up for a full range of toys and games. Let us handle every aspect of the fulfilment process on your behalf, leaving you free grow your sales. Cloud 9’s eCommerce fulfilment centre will log all your stock, track every shipment, any returns, and provide your customers with a five-star experience.

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Icon of electronics, showing the user we offer electronics fulfilment


Secure storage facilities, a wide range of professional packaging and world leading couriers with door-to-door tracking. Cloud9 Fulfilment are positioned to handle the vast array of electronic products available today. We ensure your orders are picked and packed with over 99.99% accuracy, while enabling you to manage your inventory with ease.

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Drop shipping icon. Saying why you should choose fulfilment over drop shipping

drop shipping

Drop shipping is where the seller accepts customers’ orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Instead, it transfers the orders and their shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a fulfilment house, which then ships the goods directly to the customer, while the retailer is responsible for marketing and selling the product.

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Eco Icon. Showing that we are eco-friendly.


With our optimised stock rotation methods and highly accurate, automated picking and packing system we will help you reduce waste and delight your customers. Our order fulfilment software makes batch control, inventory management and order tracking easier than ever, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

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Homeware and kitchenware icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for homeware and kitchenware businesses.

homeware and kitchenware

At Cloud9 Fulfilment we specialise in fast fulfilment, handling a wide range of products carefully and with accuracy. We can keep up with seasonal demand, process returns, and offer highly competitive shipping rates to destinations around the world, making us a perfect choice for kitchen and homeware fulfilment, whatever your product.

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Food and drink icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for food and drink businesses.

food and drink

We reduce waste with our automated, optimised stock-rotation system. We provide batch-control, enabling you to keep track of which batches are in which orders, and even specify the use of particular batches. Same-day dispatch, reputable carriers and secure packaging allow us to send your products quickly, cost effectively, and damage-free.

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Arts and craft icon. Showing we help arts and craft businesses with their shipping and fulfilment

arts and craft

Crocheting, knitting, sewing, ceramic making, painting, drawing and calligraphy are all timeless skills that have been passed down through generations. The Cloud9 Fulfilment warehouse team specialise in fulfilling small, lightweight, and fragile products. We will help you impress your customers with every delivery to encourage their repeated custom.

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Sporting goods icon. This shows that we offer fulfilment services for sporting and equipment businesses.

sportwear and equipment

Cloud9 have the technologies and processes in place to allow you to service your orders with ease and achieve phenomenal rates of growth. Outsourcing your fulfilment to Cloud9 will allow you to scale your business without limits. With us, you and your customers will receive next level service.

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