Luxury and Gift Fulfilment Service

The luxury and gift industries are lucrative by nature but come with higher consumer expectations. Luxury eCommerce is expanding in the industry. Luxury retail requires the full customer experience to be exquisite. Quick and affordable delivery is the general focus of eCommerce. Luxury consumers pay more for premium goods and personalised shopping experiences. From the point of sale to delivery, luxury retailers are starting to become more involved with their supply and fulfilment chains. Attention to detail is crucial, from custom branded packaging experiences to premium delivery services. Outsourcing bespoke fulfilment to experienced third-party logistics companies can allow luxury brands to provide excellent service. You can simplify processes throughout the fulfilment chains to deliver luxury goods.

What are Luxury and Gift  Fulfilment Services?

Fulfilment services benefit any business moving online. Younger consumers gravitate towards eCommerce, and developing a multi-channel online presence has expanded audiences globally.

Luxury and gift fulfilment presents a unique set of challenges across the board. Due to their high-value nature, security and tracking are of paramount importance. It is vital that safe and secure storage facilities that are insured are used. The higher value of goods demands a higher expectation for customer service standards. Care, accuracy and traceability are key factors in customer retention. Experienced teams can deliver this level of service through bespoke technology and facilities.

Personalisation through presentation and high-grade gift boxes allow luxury brands to transition from the level of care in flagship stores to online shops.  Branded packaging builds on brand identity and awareness, and third-party logistics can help you achieve this.

How Cloud9 Fulfilment Can Help

Cloud9 Fulfilment is the perfect partner for luxury brands. We specialise in handling small, fragile, and lightweight items. Your goods will be handled with extreme care and precision to ensure that your customers have every reason to buy from you again and again. Across the entire fulfilment process, our experienced and trained staff use the latest technology and software to deliver results. We pride ourselves in providing business-specific bespoke solutions. Cloud9's gift fulfilment service adapts and grows with your business.

Benefits of using Cloud9 Fulfilment
for your Luxury & Gift Orders


Security, Transparency and Traceability

Security and Transparency are core values at Cloud9’s order fulfilment. Our custom warehouse facility is in a secure estate and under constant 24/7 recorded surveillance. We record the proof of delivery and photograph the safe arrival of goods, as well as provide detailed reports of successes. Our secure fulfilment centre has a standard insurance cover, however premium storage and insurance solutions can be offered for high-value goods. Meanwhile, our access to industry leading carriers, such as DPD, allows our partners to have access to a wide range of premium carrier services and carrier insurance options. Powered by our software, we take security and end-to-end tracking for luxury goods to the next-level.


Efficiency and Accuracy with Care

At Cloud9, we have a 99.9% accuracy order rate. This high level of precision consistently meets the full requirements of our partners and their customers. We fulfil all eCommerce orders immediately, accurately and securely through the use of our industry leading software automating the picking process. Our team of experienced packers carefully, and appropriately, package goods for shipment with our selection of world-class carriers. The correct item arrives in flawless condition every time.


Co-packaging Capabilities

We realise the importance of brand identity and a unique customer experience in the packaging of luxury products and gifts. Cloud9 has the facilities and skilled staff to do this. Partners can use custom branded packaging and gift boxes for customer orders. We can also use inserts and mailers to maintain their luxury image and quality. Elevate your products with the right presentation.


Bespoke Delivery Solutions

Cloud9 has established itself with premium carriers across the industry. We can find the best delivery solutions at competitive rates. Our delivery options provide customers with real-time delivery tracking and excellent service.  Luxury gift brands can stand out by going above and beyond standard delivery services. Our partners' can have full confidence in our range of premium carrier insurance options.

Luxury & Gift Fulfilment Pricing

At Cloud9, our pricing structure is as bespoke, adaptable and flexible as ourbusiness. Our highly professional expert team is easy to contact via call and emailand quick to provide specific solutions and fulfilment quotes for your business.

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