10 ways to use fulfilment
to grow your brand

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eCommerce has enabled global retail organisations to grow rapidly. The increase in online shopping and the introduction of one-click purchases have sped this growth, with the latest Statista estimates suggesting that eCommerce will account for 24.5% of total retail sales worldwide in 2025, compared with just 7.4% in 2015. In this highly competitive global market, it is more important than ever to establish and grow your brand. You want to provide a fast and efficient service to your customers without compromise. Fulfilment services can help you achieve that.

What is fulfilment and how can it help you grow your brand?

Fulfilment is used to prepare and deliver a customer’s order on behalf of a business. Also known as third-party logistics or 3PL, you’ll outsource your e-Commerce logistics to a third-party business. Fulfilment is considered to be the final step in the supply chain.

The full extent of fulfilment services will differ depending on the service provider, and at Cloud9 Fulfilment, you can get a free bespoke quote to suit your needs. Fulfilment is as diverse as your business and could include storage, inventory management, packaging, shipping, returns, and more. The software can integrate with all current eCommerce platforms and give you the time to grow your business.

Often delivered to each business as a bespoke service, you can customise how fulfilment works for you. Whether you are a fashion company with rapidly changing demands or you are looking for greener alternatives for your organic products, fulfilment can help in several different ways.


Fast responses to customer demand

Keeping up with customer demands is a challenge for any industry, and fulfilment can provide you with the vital tools to meet demands in real-time. A fast turnaround is essential for taking those one-off purchases and transforming them into loyal returning customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit global supply chains hard, with experts stating that supply chain problems could continue until 2023. Outsourcing your e-Commerce logistics to a third party helps to reduce the difficulties businesses face and enable you to respond to customer demands as they happen. Here at Cloud9 Fulfilment, we receive your orders in real-time so that there are no delays for your customers.


Gain insights into your inventory

Knowing stock levels is essential for gaining an insight into your inventory and adjusting to meet customer needs. With full software integration, businesses across industries can run their business from anywhere in the world using nothing but a phone. You can change the product focus on your website depending on stock levels, ensuring that no customers are left disappointed by an ‘out of stock’ alert.

The beauty of software integration across e-Commerce platforms is that you will be able to see accurately which products are selling most and how your chosen fulfilment service provider is meeting demands. If something is selling well, you know to invest more into it in the future.


Simple platform integration

Remaining competitive in this fast-paced global marketplace is challenging, but fulfilment software integration can give you the edge. Technology is essential to every business, providing vital information about your entire process, but creating a specialist software solution is not only time-consuming but also expensive.

Fulfilment service providers have the software you need ready to go. It can be integrated into your current eCommerce platform with minimal effort and at no additional cost. It not only improves the efficiency of your business but also enables you to check stock levels, orders, and shipping times through your phone. Taking control of your business is easier than ever, with Magento platform integration and WooCommerce fulfilment to name just a few.


Improved scalability

As customer demands change, so will your business needs. The ability to scale your business accordingly is essential and yet it is one that many businesses find they do not have the resource to accomplish. Startups Magazine reports that only 7% of UK business wonders have scalable business models.

Fulfilment can help with this, ensuring that you can scale up or down your operations accordingly. Our pricing structure is tailored to your business, so if you require more storage or have other needs, we can accommodate you. This is ideal for a number of industries including subscription services and supplements and vitamins.


Accurate order fulfilment

An incorrect order can cost businesses not only in terms of shipping but also customer loyalty. According to data compiled by Invesp, some of the top reasons consumers returned products involve receiving the wrong item (23%), receiving a product that looks different from advertised (22%) and receiving a damaged product (20%).

At Cloud9 Fulfilment we boast a 99.9% accuracy order rate, preventing any customers from receiving something they didn’t order. Rest assured all goods are picked and packed with care and attention to detail by our expert team. Powered by cutting edge digital technologies and software we remove human error and increase efficiency, which is essential for PPE and hygiene fulfilment.


Extend your brand’s reach

The demand for online shopping grew through the COVID-19 pandemic, with retail e-Commerce sales amounting to around 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars globally (Statista). Maintaining an online presence and ensuring you can meet customer demand is vital, whether you want to expand your business globally or simply build your presence within the U.K.

With 3PL, you are offered a variety of shipping options, with your chosen provider finding the best carriers on the market for your goods and your delivery address. Using providers including DHL, UPS, and FedEx, you can not only deliver to a wider area, but you can also remain competitive with Amazon fulfilment and retain your Amazon Prime delivery status.


Free shipping

Delivery is an important factor for your customers. A report by Baymard discovered that 48% of customers abandon during checkout because of extra costs including shipping. With almost half of the abandoned carts in this study the result of high shipping costs, you want to give your customers the best rates.

The fulfilment process gives you and your customers the best deals, with Cloud9 Fulfilment working to get you the best rates available and shipping all orders on the same day or the next day. Your customers will save money and remain loyal to your business with fast and free shipping.


Excellent customer service

Offering exceptional customer service makes you stand out from your competition. Data from Statista shows that customers are willing to pay more for excellent service across a range of industries, including automotive, retail and food services.

eCommerce fulfilment ensures that your customers get 24/7 support and same-day delivery. The fast turnaround and speedy delivery mean that your customers get their orders quickly, without having to wait for weeks for a parcel to arrive or getting the wrong order. 3PL will offer the type of customer service that is consistent with your business brand.


Easy returns process

Items being returned can be frustrating for sellers, but for many consumers, an easy returns process is a factor in making that initial purchase in the first place. Invesp tells us that 92% of consumers will buy something again if returns are easy.

Fulfilment providers offer a variety of services, often including returns management. Your customers can return items with ease, ensuring that they remain loyal to your business while still getting what they want. With a clear and easy fulfilment returns process, you can track returns to gain greater insight into your target market.


Custom packaging

Customers are excited to receive orders, and that excitement grows when you use custom packaging. It is an excellent branding strategy, helping to establish your business’ brand in the eyes of the consumer and in their hands when their parcel lands on the doorstep. You may prefer to use generic packaging, but some fulfilment service providers offer the opportunity for branded packaging to be used instead.

The popularity of Amazon’s iconic smile boxes makes them an instantly recognisable symbol, and your business could achieve a similar effect with custom packaging. It really adds a personal touch to each parcel packed and will help to build brand loyalty in your customer base, especially for luxury and gift fulfilment.

Growing your brand with order fulfilment services

Using a third-party business for all of your e-Commerce fulfilment needs enables you to not only deliver exceptional services to your customers, but also grow your business and establish your brand on a national or even international scale. Outsourcing enables you to navigate complex supply chain issues while delivering the products you want to your client base.

At Cloud9 Fulfilment, we know how important it is for you to stay competitive and find the right fulfilment solutions for your business. This is why we offer a 2-weeks free trial to new customers. You’ll get 2 weeks of free storage, picking, packing, and management, giving you the chance to try out our services.

We are experts in order fulfilment, inventory, shipping and returns management solutions, working with a range of industries to deliver e-Commerce product fulfilment. Get total transparency and control over your stock 24/7 with Cloud9 today.

Any questions you may have, our specialist team can answer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have and see what we can offer your business.

Our fulfilment experts can answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and learn more about what we can do for you and your business.

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