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Arts and Craft Fulfilment Service

Recently, we have been picking up hobbies, old or new, like never before. This is most pronounced in younger demographics. From knitting to crochet and painting to pot-making, all rising in popularity since the pandemic. The digital generation finds inspiration online by following tutorials on social media. They buy kits and products through these platforms. Then go on to sell their creations online too. Regardless, if it’s for downtime or side-hustles on Etsy. The way we make and create is increasingly digital. As a result, online retail for arts and crafts is rapidly evolving. This requires creativity from customers and companies alike.

What are Art and Craft Fulfilment Services?

eCommerce fulfilment is invaluable for the arts and crafts industry. Allowing businesses to stay relevant in the ever-growing digital world. Online stores, such as Etsy, soar in popularity. The diversity of hobbies results in equally diverse arts and crafts supplies and merchandise. This requires systematic inventory management and storage solutions, to handle wide product ranges, that are flexible and well-suited for seasonal changes. Speed and consistency are an essential part of arts and crafts fulfilment. Automated processes and experienced fulfilment teams are critical to meeting consumer expectations of fast delivery.  This allows customers to be rest assured the correct products will arrive on time. Refine the whole fulfilment process to be more efficient and profitable, by outsourcing arts and crafts fulfilment to third-party logistics partners.

How Cloud9 Fulfilment Can Help

Cloud9 Fulfilment is the perfect partner for the arts and crafts industry. We provide an excellent service for all manners of goods, fragile and lightweight items. Our specialised storage solutions eliminate the risk of damage, so our partners can be at ease knowing their products are safe. Our fully integrated digital warehouse keeps track of stock and keeps our partners up to date in real-time. Meanwhile, our automated picking and packing give Cloud9 a 99.9% accuracy order rate. We provide solutions for co-packing and branded packaging with sustainable options. Creating a memorable product experience, to increase brand awareness, is effortless with our expert packaging team.

Benefits of using Cloud9 Fulfilment
for your Arts & Craft Orders


Flexible and adaptable storage solutions

Here at Cloud9 Fulfilment, we can deal with a range of arts and crafts products of all shapes and sizes. Each of our partners benefits from separate bays for storage. Cloud9 storage conditions are pristine; dry, dust free and temperature monitored.  Trained in dangerous goods, our staff can safely and securely store all manners of goods. We have the storage capacity and staff to deal with seasonal order volume changes. For example, the Black Friday and Christmas period.


Digital Approach

We have a fully integrated digital warehouse. This eradicates human error whilst providing the real time progress of every order. Our cutting-edge software keeps track of all orders, serial numbers, barcodes and best before dates. This prevents stock wastage and perishable items from expiring. At no extra cost, we integrate with all eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.


Bespoke packaging solutions

Cloud9 Fulfilment is experienced in co-packing. A wide range of co-packing options are available, such as kit building, bundles, freebies and inserts. Our expertise with co-packing can be pivotal to an exquisite customer experience. Our partners can rest assured that all products are carefully handled and processed. We provide a next-level service with all goods delivered safely and securely. Our specialist packaging team prioritise attention to detail. As a result, we help our partners maintain a strong brand identity.  At Cloud9 Fulfilment, we provide both branded and un-branded packaging solutions. We are minimal in plastic and material use, ensuring the safe delivery of delicate and fragile goods.


Quick, Safe and Precise Delivery

As an experienced fulfilment provider, Cloud9 has established itself with all major carriers.  Our partners benefit from access to competitive rates with premium carriers. Domestically and internationally, for the delivery of all manners of goods. We provide cost-effective solutions for products of different shapes and sizes, as well as dangerous goods.  Our partners can be confident in safe dispatch and delivery; with an expert customer services team to handle customs-related documentation. Through our experienced team and industry-leading digital systems, Cloud9 has a 99.9% accuracy order rate. All orders processed before 2pm are dispatched on a same-day basis. By using our services our partners can rise to consumer demands for rapid delivery.

Arts & Craft Fulfilment Pricing

Our friendly team are on hand to use their industry and business specific knowledge to provide a free personalised quote. Here at Cloud9, we adapt our pricing to meet the specific needs of our partners and only charge for their specific storage requirements. We provide free shipment labelling, as well as free setups for software integrations, for a seamless transition into the Cloud9 systems.

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