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Music and Media Fulfilment Service

The way we consume music and media is constantly changing. Streaming services may seem to diminish the need for physical products. Yet have drastically encouraged it. New methods of consuming music and media need evolving technologies and products. Streaming platforms have made media globally accessible. This has driven the demand for the huge variety of products needed to consume media.

The wide accessibility of music and media has driven the want and need for exclusivity. Whilst anyone can listen to a new album, not everyone can buy limited-edition merchandise. With social media platforms acting as marketing platforms, as well as eCommerce shopfronts. Creators can access and sell to wider audiences more than ever before. Streaming services may devalue the price of creative content. Many well-known artists earn more through merchandise, live performances and other creative outlets.

The music and media industry is still recovering from changes in technology and the aftermath of the pandemic. It’s more valuable than ever for artists and creators to understand how to bolster online sales.

What are Music and Media Fulfilment Services?

eCommerce offers creators the opportunity to reach and interact with global consumers at a greatly reduced cost. This is truer for creative media than for many other industries, because music and media, like the Internet, are worldwide in nature. Music and media eCommerce fulfilment can lower transaction costs for product sales whilst accessing a greater number of buyers and sellers. With such diversity in creative media, the technology we use to consume it and the merchandise to support our creators; efficient storage and processing are crucial to success. Whilst our tastes in music or film can be unpredictable, consumer expectations are far less temporary. Across the online retail industry, customers expect quick, accurate and secure delivery with an effortless returns process. This requires significant resources and efficiency in fulfilment to keep customers satisfied. Additionally, the customer experience of unboxing is now a key field of development for creators and companies to stand out. As a result, the way we package our creative products is more important than ever.

How Cloud9 Fulfilment Can Help

As an experienced third-party logistics provider, Cloud9 is the perfect fulfilment partner for music and media eCommerce. We are all about growth. We champion smooth and reliable operations that are flexible and adaptable to the needs and requirements of our partners. Our partners greatly benefit from the secure storage of valuable goods as well as precisely dealing with high volumes of goods. From merchandise to the latest noise-cancelling headphones, we understand how important packaging is to building brand identities as well as protecting products. As fulfilment experts, working with us provides our partners with the confidence that all products are packed appropriately and arrive safely.

Benefits of using Cloud9 Fulfilment
for your Music & Media Orders


Support rapid growth in sales

Music and media can be greatly affected by seasonal order volumes, and releases of new content. At Cloud9 fulfilment, we provide flexible storage solutions, only charging for the space our partners use at any given time. Meanwhile, we have experienced operatives on standby to deal with large order volumes, quickly and accurately. Our cutting-edge warehouse management software allows our partners to follow orders in real-time across every step of the fulfilment process, as well as guaranteeing accuracy all year round. Our partners greatly benefit from utilising our software for stock management and reports, being able to control their businesses from anywhere in the world.


Rapid delivery

At Cloud9 we understand how important consumer expectations are for delivery. Next-day delivery can often be the deciding factor in consumer purchases, as a result we offer same-day dispatch with all major carriers. Our late cut-off times for orders give our partners a competitive advantage. With an experienced team of pickers and packers and cutting-edge software ensuring all orders are fulfilled fully, promptly and securely. As we have access to a range of premium carriers, we can offer letterbox delivery services for smaller items.


Multi-channel integration

At Cloud9, we provide free software setups and solutions for integrating with all platforms. We receive your orders in real-time as customers place them, providing hassle-free solutions for multi-channel eCommerce fulfilment. Our seamless software integrations allow our partners to effortlessly target multiple audiences, through platforms such as Instagram and Shopify.


Secure fulfilment

Our partners can trust Cloud9 Fulfilment to keep valuable products safe in a clean, dry and temperature-monitored fulfilment centre. High-value items are locked away securely in a 24-hour surveillance environment with strict security measures throughout the whole premises. Fragile goods are appropriately stored, handled and packaged by our expert teams.

Music and Media Fulfilment Pricing

At Cloud9 we are here to support growth in sales. As such, our pricing is as bespoke as the storage, packaging and fulfilment solutions we provide. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team for business specific advice and a free personalised quote.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions surrounding music and media fulfilment with Cloud9 Fulfilment:

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