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Book Fulfilment Service

Most of us have fond memories of reading or being read to as a child. Knowledge and stories shape our lives. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success. Reading for pleasure certainly brought success for Amazon, with humble origins as an online bookstore. Whilst the likes of Kindle and Audible may diversify the way we read, there is still a huge demand for physical books. The online market for first and second-hand books is increasingly competitive. With diverse sales channels and a saturated market, ensuring efficient and secure fulfilment is critical in this fast-moving sector.

What are Book Fulfilment Services?

Significant resources are required to process and deliver orders on time and in perfect condition. With high volume seasonal fluctuations testing the capacity of companies. Efficient third-party logistics providers can be the difference in optimising secure handling of diverse product ranges of delicate goods. The secure delivery of books can present substantial challenges. Access to premium carriers and appropriate delivery options make the difference in the safe delivery of books.  

Outsourcing book fulfilment services to experienced third-party logistics providers allows authors and publishers to greatly reduce costs. Fixed costs such as warehouse rent and labour can be surpassed by flexible solutions with adaptable pricing. Whilst Amazon may be the most popular online retailer for books, Amazon fulfilment does not provide the same level of bespoke solutions and personalised packaging. In contrast, third-party book fulfilment services provide businesses of all sizes more control over their branding and packaging, without the hassle and cost of in-house fulfilment.

How Cloud9 Fulfilment Can Help

Expand your online business through the expertise, technology and infrastructure of Cloud9 Fulfilment. We offer bespoke solutions to suit the needs and requirements of your online bookshop. Cloud9 has the flexibility and adaptability as your needs change to fuel growth and fulfil ambitions. We’ll cover the full fulfilment process, so you can concentrate on developing your brand identity and online reach.

Benefits of using Cloud9 Fulfilment
for your Book Orders


Next-level Storage

Well organised and transparent inventory management drives down inventory costs. At Cloud9 our industry-leading warehouse management system does this and more. We handle and process diverse product ranges and large SKU counts with speed and accuracy. Meanwhile, our partners greatly benefit from the transparency of our systems, seeing the real-time progress of every order and total control over their stock.


Bespoke Packaging services

Our expert-packing team and facilities enrich your customer’s experience. We provide both unbranded and branded packaging options with inserts or bundle orders. An experienced fulfilment partner in co-packing is critical to the delivery and presentation of products. Cloud9 packaging is secure, yet minimal in plastic and material use. We package all goods appropriately and carefully, with tailored solutions for different orders.


Sales growth solutions

Cloud9 can scale up with your business. We provide a variety of storage and delivery solutions specific to your needs, all year around. Online retail of books can be greatly affected by book launches, academic terms as well as the Black Friday and Christmas period. At Cloud9 we handle seasonal volume changes with adaptable storage and our experienced reserve workforce. As we only charge for the space that you use, we offer the flexibility to drive costs down for storage.


Express delivery services

By using our services, our partners have a competitive edge. With Cloud9 you can keep up with the demands of consumers and platforms like Amazon Prime, though our late cut-off times. As a result of years of experience, Cloud9 has access to fast delivery with premium carriers at competitive prices. Available both domestically and internationally. With same-day dispatch from all major carriers, customers’ requirements are met rapidly and completely.

Book Fulfilment Pricing

Cloud9 Fulfilment offers adaptable pricing, growing with your business and requirements. As a result, we can provide personalised quotes followed by a free onboarding service. For all our partners we provide free shipment labelling and for storage, we only charge for the space that you use.

Frequently asked questions

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